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Sunday, November 25th 2012

5:21 AM

A Handy Guide On EPOS Software

EPOS, or electroninc point of sale, is a self-contained range of computerized equipment which allows a number of jobs to be done at the checkout counter as led by EPOS software. In essence, a point of sale system loaded with advanced EPOS software is able to replace the job of an employee, as it offers the operator the choice to carry out, along with a number of other duties, tasks including payment transactions, reporting on sales and stock control, and co-ordination of an inventory. A major advantage, therefore, of EPOS software is it can easily complete tasks way more efficiently and, as a result, can increase turnover and streamline the operations management of a company.

software for epos

Does point of sale software prove useful whatever your organization? Point of sale systems and related software can certainly enhance retail activity however they're expensive so they are not suitable for all retail establishments. By way of example, if the expense of the EPOS system software outweighs the turnover of the business even by a small margin, then this is clearly not a sensible option. In the event your business produces an annual income of around $700,00 or more, then, as stated by internet auction giant eBay, you will most definitely do well from having a point of sale terminal. Smaller revenues means smaller operations so those should still be manageable with manual sales and inventory systems. But bare in mind that there is a vast number of point of sale systems out there, so there is a chance that there is an option out there that can offer a more tailored solution. It is thus advisable to make sure you have explored every avenue, for not all machines are made for large businesses.

You can find different EPOS software and systems to choose from, the most popular companies involved in their development of which are IBM, Fujitsu, Panasonic, MICROS Systems, Squirrel Systems, Microinvest, and Radiant Systems. Your run-of-the-mill point of sale machine will, as standard, feature a credit card reader, receipt printer, card swiper with integrated pin pad, as well as many other features. A internet network will also need to be added to the machine - whether you opt to go with a wired on wireless system.

The cost of your EPOS software and the machine itself can vary a lot - simply because there are so many differing types on the market. It is the brand behind the system as well as the parts it has that usually dictate just how much it will cost. It makes sense that a highly advanced POS unit will cost considerably more than its simpler counterpart. Typically, a good system will cost between $3,000 and $6,000. By being more rigorous in your search for a system and software, you might strike it lucky, for there are many sellers out there (especially online) selling discount systems for about $1500. The provider of a good point of sale system should be able to give you a good deal on EPOS software. Generally speaking after buying your machine, the company which you bought it from will be pleased to do the installation too. Suppliers will either offer free installation or installation as supplementary - so you should definitely find this out before buying.
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Posted by Quin Trent:

I would have to agree that a good point of sale system should be able to give you a good deal on EPOS software. That way you know that you are going to be getting the right help and that these systems are working properly. Then you know that you are furthering your company in all the best ways possible.
Tuesday, January 27th 2015 @ 4:35 PM

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